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Clay Tile Roofing and Tile Roof Repair Services

tile roofWhen you choose a tile roof for your home, you are making a wise investment that can last for 100 years or more. Because it is thick and heavy, it stands up to severe weather and offers excellent insulation and a beautiful aesthetic. With over 30 years of providing roofing service, we have mastered the precise methods required to install and repair tile roofs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

A Worldly Material
While the tile roof has just begun to rise in popularity in the United States over the past couple of decades, it has been popular around the world for centuries. Dating all the way back to ancient Rome and China, it has been proven over hundreds of years to be a natural and durable surface. With the assistance of technology, it has become a material with varied appearances to complement nearly any style of home.

Proper tile roof installation and maintenance keeps it looking like new for decades. Not only can we install it, we can perform roof repair and offer comprehensive maintenance plans.

The Benefits of a Tile Roof
While tile can be used anywhere, it blends in perfectly on homes in our warm Texas climate. Playing well off of the landscaping, it adds distinction to any home it adorns. But it also offers many practical advantages.

Heavy and thick – Because of the weight of a tile roof, it is resilient to strong winds and driving rains that are common during thunderstorms and even severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Fire and insects – For centuries, clay tile has been created in the hot fires of a kiln, so it is resistant to fire damage. And like stone, insects are neither attracted to it nor able to penetrate it.

Leak-proof – With proper installation and maintenance, this material will not leak. Putting your trust in a reliable and experienced roofing contractor is the only way to get this benefit.

Eco-friendly – While many roofing materials will be torn off and taken to the landfill, intact pieces of tile roof can be used over and over again.

A Style to Match Your Home
Your home is unique, so your tile roof should be designed to complement it seamlessly. The advancement of technology has created a multitude of different shapes and colors in tile. It is the perfect top to a Mission, Italian or Mediterranean style home. But because of the different colors and shapes available, it can work on many more styles of architecture.

Top-notch Insulation
One of the reasons clay is so popular in warm climates is because it acts as an excellent insulator. It keeps your home cooler in the hot Texas summers, which helps keep your utility bills lower. And the thickness of the clay tiles also quiets the sound of heavy rains, giving you a more peaceful environment in your home.

Extra Weight
Although the thickness of a tile roof offers many benefits, not all homes are able to hold the weight. We will use our years of experience to determine whether your home would need additional structural support to sustain the weight of the tiles. While this might add to the additional investment cost, the lower utility bill and long lifespan will quickly make up for that. Unless a major disaster strikes, you’ll never have to worry about roof replacement again.

When Repairs are Needed
tile roofingYour tile roof is highly durable but not impervious to damage. Sharp impacts can cause tiles to crack. Large hail, a falling branch or even a careless roofer can create cracks on your surface. We can perform expert repairs without creating further damage in the process. We are able to find tiles to match your existing materials or use some from less noticeable places on the roof. Our team is dedicated to doing the job right and each job is inspected by the company owner to ensure our high standards are met. When you need reliable, high quality work, contact us for a free estimate.

We can install, repair and replace a tile roof in Fort Worth, Arlington, and all of the nearby areas.

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