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Effective Tile, Shingle, and Metal Roof Replacement Solutions in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX

roof replacement2While roof replacement means one major step for your residential or commercial property, Floyd Heggie Roofing and Repair will help turn it into a beneficial and worthy investment. Feel absolutely comfortable and confident in replacing your roof in Fort Worth or Arlington, TX, as our roofing specialists walk you through the entire roof replacement process. From inspection to selection of metal, shingle or tile roofs; from evaluation to actual construction, you would be fully informed and thoroughly appraised to ensure your roof replacement fits your style, needs, and budget.

When is Roof Replacement Necessary
If more than 25 percent of your roof surface is damaged, that is a good time to start considering roof replacement. Many homeowners think the percentage would be much higher, but comparing the cost of roof repair for that large of an area adds up. When repairs cover that wide of an area, they are often delaying an inevitable failure in the near future that is bound to result to more expenses. So, making the investment in a full roofing replacement may be more advantageous and cost-effective.

Extensive Roof Leak Repair
The most common and obvious issue homeowners have with their roof is a leak. Leaks can spring after a storm damages your rooftop or from years of aging and wear and tear. Depending on the severity of the problem, repairs may not be enough. Leaks can be tricky, especially on sloped residential roofs. They can seep under the materials and drip down causing rot or mold issues. A large amount of damage can be done before a leak ever occurs. At this point, roof replacement may be your only option. Our team can perform a roof inspection, evaluate the scale of the ruined area, and help determine the most appropriate solution to address the respective damage.

Amp Up Your Resale Value
Sell your home faster with the right roof replacement. Because curb appeal is the first impression your home makes on potential buyers, a brand new shingle roof or tile roof can give your house a fresh new look that will attract them into giving your home a proper visit. Replacing your roof also offers an added bonus for prospective buyers as knowing that a new roof has just been installed means one less thing to worry about when they move in.

Some of the most popular choices in materials are:
Shingle Roof Replacement – There is no roofing material more popular in the United States. Shingle is the perfect combination of durable and affordable. When installed and maintained properly, it can last for 30-50 years. It comes in a large variety of styles and colors and can even be designed to mimic other materials like tile and slate. As a lightweight product, shingles can be applied over nearly any other surface.

Tile Roof Replacement – Clay and concrete tile are rising in popularity because of the unique look and great resilience they offer. A tile roof done right can last 100 years or longer with minor repairs and maintenance along the way. Technology has expanded the selection of colors and shapes available, which means there is a tile that can complement your home perfectly.

Metal Roof Replacement – No longer the noisy, ugly surface of the past, a metal roof can last 50-100 years. Because it is lightweight, it can be applied to any home without the need for additional structural support. And yet, it is durable enough to last for decades. Metal roof replacement should be done by a skilled professional like our roofing service team. It requires precise methods and can lead to early failure when done poorly.

roof replacementExperience convenience, exemplary service, and value for your roofing investment that only a decades-old roofing contractor can deliver. Contact Floyd Heggie Roofing and Repair at (817) 237-8164 for metal, tile, or shingle roof replacement solutions in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX today!

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