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hail damaged roofHail damage repair can become necessary suddenly without giving you time to prepare or save. Fortunately, the damage hail can create is often cosmetic and will not cause any immediate issues with your materials. However, if you have an older or more fragile roof, it can cause serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. We are available for emergency roof repair.

Effects of Hail on Different Materials
Not all materials are created equal, so some will experience much more devastation at the hand of hail than others.

Shingle roof – Shingle can be highly resistant to the effects of hail but with age can become more vulnerable. Both asphalt and wood shingles can crack under impact if they are older and weakened. Anytime a roofing material becomes cracked, hail damage repair is needed immediately. These cracked pieces can make your underlayment more susceptible to leaks, maybe not right then, but in the near future.

If your asphalt shingle roof takes a beating during a hailstorm, it is likely that some of the protective mineral granules have been scraped off. Depending on the severity of the loss, this may not be an issue that demands emergency roof repair.

Tile roof – While tiles are recognized for an incredibly long lifespan, they are vulnerable to high impact. They are brittle and can be cracked simply by someone walking on them carelessly. So hail damage repair on tile is not uncommon. With over 30 years of experience in the roofing service industry, we know how to quickly and expertly repair a tile roof and restore it to its original beauty.

Because tile comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, we have developed extensive resources to help find perfect matches for tile roof replacement. If we can’t find a suitable match, we can use tiles from less visible areas of the roof.

Metal roof – The effects of hail will probably be most visible on a metal roof, but the damage may not be as severe at first. While dents and dings may be highly visible, they don’t typically cause any immediate problems unless they are on the edges of protrusions or flashing. But hail damage repair for a metal roof should be taken seriously. All of those dents and dings can become pockets for water to collect in, which can lead to rusting and deterioration over time. If you’ve experienced a major hail storm, contact us today.

Hail Damage Repair and Insurance Claims
Once the storm has passed and your family is safe, call us immediately for an inspection. The sooner any damage is located, documented and repaired, the better chance you’ll have at getting your insurance claim accepted. Most insurance companies require a claim to be filed within one or two years from the time of the damage. But we recommend handling it much sooner. By having the results of hail directly after the storm documented by professionals, it will be much easier to prove that the hail was the cause.

hail damaged roof2About Us
We are a family-owned and -operated business, and we have been for over 30 years. Our standards are exceptionally high, so we use the finest materials available made by manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed and Tamko. Our team is diligent in their work, but we still have our owner inspect each project upon completion. We perform complete cleanup to leave your property in great condition.

Hail damage repair becomes necessary in an instant, and cost will certainly play a huge role in the decision you make. We will provide a free and accurate estimate to help you feel confident in the choice you make. Contact us today for reliable roofing service.

We perform hail damage repair in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas and other nearby areas.

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