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commercial roofing2Professional Roofers for Flat Roof Installation and Replacement in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX
Forget about the worries of flat roof installation and replacement when Floyd Heggie Roofing and Repair takes on the needs of your commercial building. With over 30 years of experience in roofing, we have mastered the skills and strategies in dealing with common flat roof problems like water ponding and leak vulnerability. Our expert roofers in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX have also perfected precise installation and commercial roof repair techniques, offering you cost-effective solutions that do not get in the way of business operations.

How a Commercial Flat Roof Installation is Different
The rooftop on your home most likely has a slope that assists in shedding water during and after rainfall. But as the name suggests, flat surfaces have little to no slope. The angle does not allow for water to roll off easily, so the surface must be smooth for maximum results. During flat roof installation, there are often small dips and low spots that can create a place for water to pool, also known as water ponding. The standing water will weaken the surface beneath it, eventually creating a leak.

With our unparalleled expertise and resources, we have a full understanding of such surfaces and how to handle installation, repair, and replacement. A flat roof is more vulnerable near the edges and around protrusions, so the material must be precisely fitted to create a seamless seal. This involves taking meticulous measurements by qualified roofers to ensure your covering can be applied perfectly to your surface.

A Variety of Materials
A flat roof requires different types of materials than a sloped roof does. Because ponding can so frequently be an issue with low slopes, single ply surfaces like PVC, EPDM and TPO are usually more successful. One material that works well on both residential and commercial properties is a metal roof. It is far more attractive than it used to be and can last for 50-100 years.

Roofing Solutions that Work for Your Company
Floyd Heggie Roofing and Repair also carry a range of roof coatings that strengthen any material we apply on your existing roof surface. These can help to create a waterproof barrier which will make your rooftop impermeable to leaks. These coatings are fast and easy for us to apply and cause little disruption to your daily operations. While our flat roof products may appear quite plain, they can pack quite a punch in beating the heat. Most single ply roofing reflects the heat away from your building. This helps to keep your structure cooler and your utility bill lower.

Repair or Replacement
Flat roof materials tend to be incredibly durable and can last for a long time without incident. But occasionally, the surface can be torn or gouged and create a leak. Because you are running a business, we understand your time is valuable. Every moment you have to stop operations due to leaks is money lost. Considering this, our local roofers can get to your property fast, evaluate the situation, and recommend or perform the appropriate roofing solution.

flat roofingThough your call may involve a single leak or one area of the roof, our service is comprehensive. We will inspect your roof thoroughly for any other damage to prevent you from spending more on emergency repairs in the near future. Our roofers in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX will also present you with a complete evaluation and recommendation, allowing you to make informed decisions for your full comfort, convenience, and benefit.

Experience truly remarkable roofing services in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX that only the specialists of Floyd Heggie Roofing and Repair can provide. Contact us for a free estimate on commercial flat roof installation, repair, or replacement today.

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