Commercial Roofing

commercial1The extreme Texas heat and severe weather can put your commercial roofing under a lot of stress. As a commercial roofing contractor, we specialize in a variety of roofing services to combat the effects of the environment on your topside surface. Many of the products we install are incredibly durable, eco-friendly and watertight. If you need a reliable commercial roofing contractor that understands the importance of high-quality products and service on a budget, contact us today.

Your low-sloped or flat roof requires extreme precision during installation. Because of the low slope, this type does not easily shed water. Any dips in the surface can allow water to pool and stand until it evaporates, a process called ponding. Our commercial roofing products resist the effects of ponding. We also focus on the areas most susceptible to leaks on a flat roof, like the edges and around protrusions.

Types of Coverings
When it comes to commercial roofing, you have a wide variety of choices in materials. We offer high quality products from reputable manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed and Tamko. We apply single ply roofing, metal, modified bitumen, tar and gravel and roof coatings.

Our preferred single ply materials are TPO and EPDM. They both provide excellent coverage and protection with minimum maintenance and repairs over their lifespan. Metal offers over 50 years of coverage and a variety of looks. Modified bitumen is a two ply commercial roofing product that is durable and affordable. Tar and gravel is one of the most traditional and affordable products and is easy to repair in the rare event that it is damaged.

Roof Coatings
As a commercial roofing contractor for over 30 years, we cannot stress enough the value of polyurethane foam or elastomeric coatings. If your business has been struggling with leaks and constant repairs or it is time for a replacement, roof coatings can prolong the lifespan by decades. These incredible substances are sprayed directly over your existing material, which means you don’t have to pay for a tear-off or clog up the landfills with old materials.

Because they are sprayed on, they leave a seamless, watertight finish. Not even the strongest Texas rains can penetrate them. They act as a reflector against the sun’s UV rays, which keeps your building cooler and your energy bills lower. And because they are fast and easy for us to install, the cost is half of what you’d pay for a tear-off and replacement.

The quick turnaround coatings offer is good for your business. Traditional commercial roofing installation techniques can take days and disrupt your daily operations. When you simply spray on protection, you save time, money and possible downtime.

Elastomeric Coating - Sprayed on in a thin layer, this coating has an elastic-like quality to it. It fluctuates right along with your building during temperature changes. This prevents cracking and splitting. It is a waterproof substance that is incredibly durable. If it ever is punctured – which is rare – we are able to fill it with a bonding agent that becomes part of the original material.

commercial roofingPolyurethane Foam – Also used as home insulation, this foam provides excellent protection and extra insulation from the heat. Your building will stay cooler and free of leaks. This type of coating can lower your annual utility bill up to one-third.

As an A+ rated commercial roofing contractor with the Better Business Bureau, we have a reputation of treating our customers well and providing excellent service. After each project is completed, our owner inspects the work to ensure our standards are met and you are satisfied.

Call now and get a free estimate on repair, installation, coatings for your commercial roofing in Fort Worth, Arlington, and all nearby areas.

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